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HR Support

Designed to support HR staff who manage relocation ‘in house’, our programmes provide training and on-going support for both new and existing staff in the effective management and control of relocation case-load.Developed to provide ongoing advice we can offer packages ranging from telephone ‘hot-line’ advice through to regular ‘on-site’ meetings covering everything from a simple ‘what does this mean…..?’ to  on-going relocation progress reviews / planning.

Open Market Valuation Analyses

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The bedrock of most relocation’s, yet an area often quickly passed over with potentially expensive consequences.We will analyse your reports, check the figures against similar property sales records, current asking prices etc. and confirm / recommend a guaranteed price.With this confirmation / recommendation, we will provide relocation cost projections based on expected marketing times etc.

Relocation Policy Review

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Drawing on many years of experience in the Relocation Industry we will review your Relocation Policy (Domestic and / or International) and if felt needed, make recommendations to ensure your Policy is realistic, cost effective and up to date.