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Outright Purchase

Designed to provide ‘fixed cost relocation’ by removing the uncertain costings of traditional ‘Home Sale Guarantee’, this plan will fit in with most existing relocation management arrangements.

The scheme is a straightforward purchase and therefore, unlike traditional Home Sale Guarantee Schemes, the agreed price will be released on completion (usually within three months) whether a new property is bought or not.

Client Benefits:

  • No Surveyors costs
  • Simplified (and therefore reduced cost) legal process
  • No interest charges
  • No capital loss
  • No Estate Agents fees
  • No ongoing maintenance / insurance/ council tax costs.
  • Less impact on the £8,000 tax allowance so greater scope to avoid ‘grossing-up’
  • Reduced temporary accommodation costs
  • Reduced weekend travel costs
  • Employee and family in the new area within three months (other time scales can be arranged)
  • Known fixed costs at the outset

Employee Benefits:

  • 100% of market value on completion
  • Clean’ and easy to understand
  • Immediate funds (on completion) with no need to purchase in the new area
  • Greater scope to maximize use of £8,000 tax allowance
  • Reduced weekend travel
  • Reduced family disruption and separation

Exchange of contracts with the employee to buy their existing property can take place within a month and completion within three months, thus enabling the employee and family to be in the new work location quickly and with no on-going ‘old area’ costs / responsibilities for either the Company or the Employee.

Our Outright Purchase Plan is extremely Tax Efficient for both the Company and Employee